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Amphibian songs: frogs and toads

Songs from the Pond: an Amphibian Serenade

Program description

​Birds aren’t the only singers in the spring!  From the earliest songs of Wood Frogs and Spring Peepers to the endlessly entertaining songs of Green Frogs, Bullfrogs and American Toads, there’s always something to hear from the ponds and wetlands.  We’ll look and listen to songs of NE Ohio’s frogs and toads from the initial ice melt of March through the early summer songs of June.  There may be a few more singers that you realized!

Species included: Wood Frog, Spring Peeper, Western Chorus Frog, Leopard Frog, Pickerel Frog, Gray Treefrog, Green Frog, Bullfrog, and American Toad. The program moves chronologically from the earliest species and ends with the raucous return of American Toads to the pond. field recordings and photos are included for all the species listed in the program description. Sonograms may also be incorporated for helpful illustration of songs. Some species have comparison recordings with similar frogs.



The Chorus Returns to the Stage: bird song and amphibian song in March

Those interested in a program that combines the amphibians songs with birdsongs that can be heard at the same time in similar habitats will enjoy the integration in this program.

Program description

The music of March has displaced the quiet of winter! Our resident birds have already been singing for weeks, and our hardiest spring migrants have recently joined them. Frogs are singing day and night in vernal pools and marshes. Triumphant and urgent, the early spring choruses can be the most engaging of the entire year. Cleveland Institute of Music professor Dr. Lisa Rainsong will share her field recordings and photos of our singers while explaining how to listen and learn their songs.

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