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Listening to Climate Change:

what our local bird songs and insect songs can tell us.

Black-capped Chickadee close nice Firestone 2-6-17.JPG
Carolina Chickadee Columbus area.jpg

Black-capped Chickadee, Cleveland and Carolina Chickadee, Columbus

Have you noticed a birdsong you wouldn’t have expected up here before? And what about that cricket or katydid that has become so common over the past few summers? New singers are joining our local ensembles as the climate warms, and we can learn to track changes over time by sound as well as sight.


From Carolina Chickadees moving into northern Ohio to Jumping Bush Crickets on the shores of Lake Erie, Dr. Lisa Rainsong from the Cleveland Institute of Music will show how she documents northbound species by sound.

Jumping Bush Cricket singing Montford 9-7-13.JPG
Jumping Bush Cricket NEO range map 2018.jpg
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