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Listening to Insects: an online field guide
to the crickets and katydids of NE Ohio

Rattler Round-winged Katydid with Sword-bearing Conehead in the background - Recording by Lisa Rainsong
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Rattler Round-winged Katydid

If you are interested in crickets and katydids - or just curious about them - Listening to Insects is my online field guide to the crickets and katydids of NE Ohio. There are species accounts for all our regional singers from Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Summit, Medina, and Lorain Counties, and each insect is illustrated with my field recordings, sonograms, and photos. It's at

You can also learn about how, when and where to listen, how the insects create their songs, where they live, what they eat, and much more information about them.

Less common species also have links to Google maps showing where I've found them to date. Each species account also has links to other resources with additional information, including my blog posts about these species.

If you are elsewhere in Ohio, many of these crickets and katydids are in your area as well. You'll just have some additional species that we don't have up here - at least, not yet...

Because it's an online resource, I'll be able to update it as we learn more about these beautiful singers. It's currently formatted for desktop/laptop view, and I plan to eventually modify it for mobile view as well.

Broad-winged Tree Cricket at 63 degrees - Recording by Lisa Rainsong
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Broad-winged Tree Cricket
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